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KOCH Consulting + Export has been established in 1985.

Mr. Hans-Juergen Koch focused on the Middle East first where he sold laboratory equipment to research-institutes.

Lateron business expanded to Indonesia as well and one of the well known customers at that time was BASF, Jakarta.

In 1990 the requirement of machines and its spare-parts rised considerably and KOCH Consulting + Export came into contact with the metal-industry, automotive-industry as well as the aircraft-construction.

After president Suharto has been forced to resign in 1998 many important sectors collapsed and several national companies shifted their productions to China.

KOCH followed and became a licensed supplier of BASF-China.

A recommendation-letter from Daimler-Jakarta opened another door to their Chinese branch.

In 1996 KOCH Consulting + Export received the suppliers license for the Chinese/German joint-venture FAW-Volkswagen.

Offices at the Chinese hot-spots Shanghai, Boutou and Changchun have been set up.

With help of the local colleagues business could be extended to VW Shanghai, the heavy-metal-industry as well as the aircraft-industry.

In 2006 Mr. Koch retired and sold the establishment to the foreign trade company Messrs. HESSE, ANDRE & Co (GmbH & Co.) KG.

In the same year KOCH received the suppliers license for VW de Mexico and opened another branch in Puebla, Mexico.

Today KOCH is one of the reliable sub-suppliers of FAW-Volkswagen, Volkswagen Shanghai, VW de Mexico as well as the truck-production and steel-works.

Distribution offices in India and Indonesia are completing the network for several business ideas.