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Since 1984, our company has stood for sustainable support of global customers in the automotive sector. We specialise in the supply of technical products, first-level support and consulting on more efficient sourcing processes. With our extensive network of suppliers, logistics experts and international technical teams we offer a seamless and efficient export service.

Whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation: We have the expertise and resources to help you succeed in today’s global marketplace. Visit our website to learn more about our services and how we can help you grow your business through international trade.

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KOCH Full-Service – The advantages for your company

We take care of international communication, correct packaging, country-specific documentation and customs clearance. The entire process out of one hand.

This allows you to concentrate on your core business while we handle the process smoothly.

If desired, we organize the transport from the supplier to the customer’s doorstep. We plan flexibly according to the customer’s wishes. Whether by sea, land or air, we have every possibility to deliver the goods on time.

Adjustable delivery and payment terms gives our customers the flexibility they need. Through technical and commercial consulting, we contribute to considerable cost savings for our customers and thus ensure correct material determination and procurement.

For the procurement of MRO parts or for complex projects, we help the customer on site with the clarification and specification of technical issues to ensure that he gets exactly what he needs. It is important to consider the deadline of each project so that delivery can be made on time.

We are also flexible with terms and conditions. Whether Euro, USD or RMB, whether Ex works, CIF or DDP; we comply with the customer’s request.

The regulations for a clean export business are becoming more and more complex. We take care of all tasks for you such as:

  • Classification of goods subject to dual-use
  • Export control (BAFA)
  • check of sanctions
  • documentation

Often, the payment terms between suppliers and customers don´t match. We can help if long payment terms, foreign currencies or financing of larger projects are requested.

We have solutions for every challenge.

Global business with KOCH: Worldwide presence for your success

KOCH: Strong relationships with successful partners worldwide

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Where future has tradition. The KOCH-history.


Clients and partner worldwide


Clients and partner worldwide


Clients and partner worldwide


Clients and partner worldwide

Markets, trends and valuable insights into the world of foreign trade: for a cup of coffee with KOCH CEO, Nicolas Menge.

How the export industry will develop in future and why pioneering spirit is still demanded today.

Mr. Menge, how did foreign trade find you?

At that time, it wasn’t easy to find what I wanted. I actually wanted to become a carpenter or study sports. But my father convinced me at the time that my passion for languages, my communicative nature and my interest in other cultures could be used in foreign trade rather than in the gym or at the band saw.

My mentor during my learning years still had a real pioneering spirit: with only a phone on the table and without much correspondence, he controlled his business. That impressed me. As a trainee, I then had to go on my first trip abroad. It was Iran, and the experiences I had there left their mark on me. It doesn’t matter which culture you deal with, in the end it’s the personal relationship which leads to a good and sustainable business. That’s still the case today.

How has foreign trade changed during the globalization?

The days of traveling in a banana boat to Latin America to do business are definitely over. Globalization and new communication tools have made traditional foreign trade much more anonymous. Today, anyone can buy or sell goods anywhere in the world. On the other hand – and here lies an opportunity for us – business demands more and more direct service to the customer. This adds an important component to the buy-and-sell factor: By working more closely together, we automatically get to know the customer better. By the way: KYC is one of the major requirements demanded by the compliance guidelines.

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