IAV Primero

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The IAV Primero

IAV Primero is a powerful tool that streamlines the development process of OBD systems. By simulating faults in lambda probes, you can improve the reliability and accuracy of your OBD functions. The detection of sensor functionality ensures that your sensors operate properly and provide accurate measurements. You can adjust and save the device settings with the integrated configuration editor.

IAV Primero offers various operating modes, including the expert mode for detailed settings, the custom mode for special requirements, the demo mode for training purposes, and the stand-alone mode for autonomous operation. You can conveniently control and monitor the remote control system from your PC or laptop. Discover the multitude of functions and the user-friendliness of IAV Primero. This tool helps you to meet the requirements of OBD development and to create high-quality vehicle diagnostic systems.

IAV Primero Services

What is IAV Primero? IAV Primero is a tool for simulating faults in lambda probes. It allows the error simulation for both pre and post probes and meets the requirements of the CARB (California Air Resources Board).

Supports the OBD development process at:

  • Function development
  • Applications
  • Homologation

The product includes:

  • IAV Primero device in aluminium housing
  • Control software for PC or laptop
  • Universal connection cable
  • Carrying case


  • Detection of sensor functionality
  • Compensation of trim resistances
  • Expert, user, demo, and stand-alone mode
  • Integrated configuration editor
  • Error simulation for up to 8 sensors
  • Interface for remote control

IAV Primero – Fault Simulation

How IAV Primero works

IAV Primero – Examples of fault simulation